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Protection by law and our obligations

We are a registered entity in the QKR institution of the Republic of Albania and have all copyrights under Albanian law for the site and what is published there. We also pay all our obligations to the state and institutions defined by law in the Republic of Albania, so our seriousness and professionalism is not limited only to the website, but also to the rules of business in Albania.

Warranty Terms

In addition to copyright you also accept the "Warranty Terms" we have, which are published next to each product along with product details. Also we have an obligation to you only for the issues we specify on our site and with the terms we provide. These terms may change over time, but they will never be erased or manipulated. You will always have access to the latest news on our site.


By registering and using this site you signify that you agree to our terms and conditions at the time you make a purchase. We are also obliged to respect and adhere to every promise and service we publish on our website

Terms and conditions of transport

In addition to copyright and "Warranty Conditions", you also accept the "Terms and Conditions of Transport", which are published on our site and are given to you at the time you confirm the purchase.

Our rights

We reserve the right to change products, offers, product prices, changes that you will be able to be informed every time you visit our site. We reserve the right to change shipping companies whenever it may seem necessary, of which you will be able to find out the moment you enter the site. We reserve the right to change the terms of use and the relevant warranties, changes that you will be able to see every time you enter the site, under the command "Terms of use". For any possible problems or ambiguities please contact us with the contact methods you find on the site.

Online Payments

Payment Terms:

  • Users must have a valid active Debit / Credit card, which can afford the financial value required to be paid;
  • The card must have a sufficient balance to cover the payment of the service that the user seeks to purchase;
  • Payments will be made by a secure and certified payment processor for online payments. Payment Processors selected by are Payment Processor of Raifasien Bank and PAYPAL inc.
  • The security, guarantee and responsibility for online payments belongs to the "Payment processor".

Debit / Credit Cards which can be used for payments with PAYPAL for this service are: 

Payments in PAYPAL can also be made with debit cards that Albanian banks allow online purchases that are:


Karta Debiti

   Raiffeisen Bank    

Vissa Electron

Procredit Bank 

   Vissa Electron/Maestro    

Credins Bank

Vissa Electron

Tirana Bank

Vissa Electron

User requirements

By pressing the "Accept" button you confirm and accept these Rights and Obligations (and any possible modification) as well as making the Online Payment with one of the means expressed above by authorizing the financial institution to transfer to the account of Albas sh.p.k. the payment for which you have agreed to purchase the requested service. You acknowledge and warrant with full legal responsibility that you have all the necessary rights to authorize online payment, and that you will not use this service for illegal purposes. Performing actions contrary to this provision, charges you with criminal liability.

Unauthorized and Controversial Payments

If you believe that someone has made an unauthorized payment with your Debit / Credit card without your approval, you should immediately contact the bank with which you have your card agreement. You are solely responsible for any unauthorized payments, although the financial institution (Bank) may have some form of protection against financial theft. If you claim to have made the Online payment, and this payment has not been executed or you have claims for the value you have paid, please contact your bank, or the financial institution with which you have your card agreement immediately. If you have claims that you have made the online payment, but the service for which you have paid has not been activated, you can contact us at at the phone number +355692058402.

Cancellation of online payments does not allow the cancellation of online payments, as you have confirmed the payment of the service you are buying with your Debit / Credit card.

Return / Cancellation of orders does not allow cancellation / return of the product if it is a book, while for Pino toys and sound books you can contact us at and at the phone number +355692058402.

Other rights and obligations

  • assumes no responsibility for errors or disconnections of online payments, including interruptions, losses, errors, malfunctions or delays related to it.
  • is not responsible if the amount withdrawn from the user's account may exceed the amount set for the benefit of the service provided by, as a result of the application of banking commissions for credit card users.
  • The online payment site is not managed by The use of this site creates a direct relationship between the subscriber, who agrees to make the payment online and the Payment Processor or PayPal. has the obligation that as soon as the Payment Processor or PayPal confirms the transfer of your payment to the Bank account of, to activate the required service within 24 hours.
  • Any dispute regarding online payments will be resolved according to the terms of the contract published on the official website of the Payment Processor or PAYPAL.
  • Any conflict related to the service paid through online payment will be resolved based on the laws in force in the Republic of Albania.
  • generates a regular tax invoice for the service you choose to pay, once the payment is confirmed by the Payment Processor or PayPal. You agree that, if you wish, you may obtain an original copy of this invoice at one of our points of sale.
  • Your use of the online payment does not constitute any right or interest in the intellectual property rights used in connection with this payment, or generated in any form, text or content in connection with the online payment process, including, without exception was limited, copyright, which are all reserved rights of
  • Use of online payment and all risks associated with this process are your personal responsibility. Despite the fact that has implemented a secure system through SSL certificates and other secure and reliable means, the confidentiality or security of any communication transmitted or accessed via the Internet can not be guaranteed. secures and stores your personal information and their content in its systems, in accordance with all applicable laws. is not responsible for the security of information transmitted or accessed using the Internet.
  • Any unauthorized attempt to use the Online Payment may result in criminal or civil prosecution under the laws in force in the Republic of Albania.